Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer thrifting - just a little - to stay busy!

I'm trying to be good and stay out of temptation's way when it comes to thrifting.  Even if something is a good deal it doesn't mean I need to fork over a few dollars and schlepp it home!  But today, while doing errands without the boys I found some treasures at Sally Ann:
Score!  A small Talavera wall planter in mint condition, an IKEA glass jar with lid, and a paperback to read tomorrow - total spent:  $3.50.  Talavera planters this size sell for around $30;
 this one was a whopping $2!
What's not to love about Talavera? - every piece is so colorful and unique.  I think it will live in the kitchen - not sure if I will put anything into it - silk plants would just detract from it's design.  Maybe it will just hang there and be pretty.  Seems like I'm leaning towards more colorful items in the kitchen!
The IKEA jar is about $3 in the store - I paid 50 cents.  It's going to live in my bathroom window for now, with seashells from our vacation to Port A a couple years ago...hmmm...looks like it needs a few more and I so want to take the boys before band camp begins...
I feel like I haven't gotten a lot done this week since they've been at scout camp.  Mostly the odd chore here and there, filing, balancing the house account and paying bills, a couple lunches out, discovering "Glee" on Netflix....but I miss them and our fun summer days and will be so glad to see their tired but happy faces on Sunday.  (:

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