Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Of pomander balls and vases

At JoAnn I spied some cute little vases of silk flowers with that resin stuff in the bottom - you know the ones?  So simple, and yet at $10 apiece, so pricey!  But I really wanted them as they were perfect for those floating shelves in the master bedroom.  I couldn't bring myself to buy them, because I knew I could make Rustown Mom's version.  I found the small vases at HEB in the floral department for $2, and Joann had the silk flowers 50% off, at 1.50 each.  I think they came out cute!
My version is interchangeable, too in case I want to switch out silk greenery for the season.
The metal pomander balls are  from my sister - but I have seen these in Goodwill.  
The top one one got a coat of Rustoleum in  "Aluminum". 
I just tied on scraps of grosgrain ribbon.
I love these floating shelves and the combo of colors with the silver and black.  
Sometimes it's the littlest details, right?

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Iris Faye said...

Where can I buy the balls? I love how big they are! I never seen large ones that big!


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