Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gallery Walls around the house

Recently I had some fun painting just about every room in the house - and I use the term "fun" loosely!  There are lots of walls around the house that have photos of my dear ones - walls that I consider to be "galleries". and they needed spiffin' too!  Here are two:
This wall is in the hall.  Loved having a place for all those pics, but hated that they weren't matted, and I noticed the row of baby pics below were dusty on the inside, plus they had varying degrees of light damage (!) and the colors weren't the same intensities.  I had hubby scan them into the computer then I  packed them safely away.
I painted the wall a color called Boston Fern and purchased matted frames at Michael's for $3.99.  Some day I'd like to get non-glare glass for them, too.  The middle frame is waiting for a new family pic - to be taken this Easter.  Since Bubbie is the youngest of four, he is only in a couple of group portraits - it's been years since we had one done.  I might add a couple small matted frames to the bottom, too, and possibly move them in closer together...for now, I love the new look.
The darker wood frames and the new green on the wall help the pics stand out.  The wall across from this has collage frames - I love those!  Sorry about the lighting here - a skylight would be a good thing in this hall.
They have mostly snapshots and school pics, but every now and then I am drawn to it and pause in the hallway to reminisce...
Then last month I tackled the walls in Firstborn's room:
All that wasted space!
I think it had been this way for about 8 years; 
a typical boy's room and he wasn't too keen on changing it up until recently.
After painting his room a soft grey, I printed up some new pics at Walgreen's and bought matted frames (again, Michael's)  and just added those inspirational small prints I bought him at Tarjay many moons ago.  A simpler and neater look, no?  I'm pretty sure he loves it now!
I have to resist hanging more things up on the walls - I think I like the simple look of no more than 6 or 7 items, but I love looking to see how other people do this in their homes. 
Do you have a gallery of your family's portraits in your home?

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Shan said...

I can tell you have a wonderful passion for your family through all the photos you have decorated around your home. Very well done! Thanks for visiting Family Brings Joy today. :)


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