Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easy Spring-y topiary

A friend of mine at work took pity on me - I had a rotten week - and she bought me the cutest pot and filled it with candy...yuuum...she said she found the pot at Hobby Lobby.
After I shared the candy, and ate entirely too much of it myself,  I got the idea to make a cute spring-y decoration for the dining table.
I bought some moss and a couple sprigs of greenery at Hob Lob for about $6 total..  I already had some natural colored ribbon and  florist foam, and gathered branches from my backyard.  I wrapped the branches close to the stems of the greenery with the ribbon and  poked them into the foam that I placed in the bottom of the container.  Tied a bow around the top of the topiary and spread some moss down below.  Wah la!
Pretty little birdy pot topiary to sweeten the dining table.  Now that the wainscoting is done, we will be eating more dinners in here, so it's fun to decorate again.  Thanks, Dani, for my cute birdy pot and for helping me to feel better - here's to a Happy Spring!

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