Friday, April 1, 2011

The $100 mini Etch a Sketch

I struggle to find the humor in this.  $100 and a few hours later I am still scratching my head over why a 12 yr old would flush such an item:
Yes.  A mini Etch a Sketch.  A toy.  And this is not even the item he admitted to flushing.  As I was being grilled by the plumber, he said he flushed an empty White Out bottle.
He's 12.  Not 2.  TWELVE.  This is the same kid who was playing around with the lighter in the kitchen.  
Will there ever be a time I can turn my back on Bubbie and expect him to have made the leap into Big Kid Land and actually not do those things which we would have expected from a bored and precocious toddler?  He's such a bright kid.  Generally good.  We are working on manners and being responsible for schoolwork.  Hubby and I drill him (and all of them. really) on being responsible, thoughtful, intelligent members of their world.  They have chores, limits, and rules.  They are expected to do what is asked of them in a timely fashion.  And they are not allowed to run rampant - the tail does not wag the dog at this house.
So, why on earth, did he think he could do such a thing?  He said, the trash can was missing.  
I think I need a little break - I may go mad. 
Maybe I'm making too much of it.  It's been a long week...TGIF

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Marie said...

Gina, as a parent boy do I understand your frustration. It makes no sense why he would flush those things down the toilet and I know you are meticulous about everything and I am sure the trash can was not far away.
I do not think you are making too much of it. I would be over the moon, especially about the cost of a plumber!!!


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