Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quilt show

A couple of weekends ago, my sister and I took my mother to a quilt show in La Grange.  The "Best Little Quilt Show in Texas" -  playing on the town's original fame having a famous whorehouse - 
we won't go into that...
My mother is something of a quilting pro - I have no idea how many of them she has made, but I bet in the dozens...which is no small thing considering she pieces, appliques, and hand quilts...a lot of work.  Truly an art.  I have several at my house:  Drunkard's path, Carolina Lily, Cats, Little Houses, Log Cabin, Butterflies, Sunbonnet Sue...and she has given many more away over the years as gifts. 
She recently sent "Checkers" to Firstborn.
 Only a few that we saw actually impressed me - they were almost too perfect - know what I mean?
Most of them had machine quilting, instead of by hand.
They are beautiful, yes, but I think some of the art is lost if all the patterns are color-coordinated.  My mother uses fabric from a closet, an entire closet, full of fabric she has accumulated over the years.  My sister and I like to point to various prints and say "I had a dress made of that!"
This one is just lovely - a Wedding Ring quilt.  My mother has one of these in her linen closet.  Hers is well-loved and worn with scalloped edges.  Quilts make you feel connected to a mother, grandmother, aunt...a womanly pastime with so much history sewed into each piece.
 She and my sister pose in from of another pretty one...
 After the quilt show we stopped in Round Top for lunch - the best burger I ever had! - and to the Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center with even more quilts and other handmade crafts.
 I love this Yo-Yo quilt, it make such a fun, textured bed covering!
Just lovely and a nice way to spend an afternoon with my mother and sister.

 Well, and my silly niece, too!

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