Friday, March 4, 2011

More inspirations

Remember the pics that Scout took that I was going to use to make inspirational posters?
I used Picnik to create them.
 I had them printed at Walgreen's, then used a craft glue stick to affix them to card stock and Handi-Tac to put them on the wall above the desk where he sits in his sister's room (hence the pink lamp) more nail holes, please!  Eventually, I will move them into his own room, so this will keep them intact.
I like the way they came out so I decided to make some for my niece, too.
I started off by laying each photo on a color to see what looked best, combo-wise.
 This is a picture of a rose growing December of '09 in my sister's yard - 
gotta love Spring in December in Central Texas!
This snowy one was taken by Scout..
 I measured about a ruler's width on each one, to cut off the manufacturer's printing.
Then centered and glued them on.
I think the colors will go great in her room, with its lilac walls and black,white, and lilac accessories.  
And she can either frame these or use the Handi-Tac stuff.
Happy Birthday, sweet niece!

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