Monday, March 14, 2011

Master Bedroom Spiff

Last Monday, I told hubby I would like to re-paint the master bedroom, to which he replied: "It looks OK".  Which, to me, means it should be done asap.  There were places to be touched up and I had long ago gotten rid of the tiny amount of a taupe-tinted dried-up paint we had left. So, armed with my color card of  Behr's "Creamy Mushroom", I headed to Home Depot.  The pretty birdie tassel above is the color scheme for this room- mushroom, berry, grass, black...I love the combo of these colors!  Painting was no small thing, and I don't have good befores of the original color, but just take a gander at the before and afters:
A new arrangement above hubby's dresser
Clearing off the top of my dresser so I can center my jewelry box 
and have a clean, uncluttered look
But, my favorite part is - making a HUGE space above the bed a little cozier with the addition of floating shelves and those framed portraits that used to live on the dresser.
I'm still tweaking the room here and there..moving stuff around on those shelves...
and the cat is not a permanent fixture on my new chairs...
Sorry, Suggie, but it's true!
I love my "new" bedroom and how big it feels.
I may never get around to hanging curtains or replacing the comforter....
This week is Spring Break, so it's on to sleeping in and relaxing with my kiddos...

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