Thursday, March 10, 2011

God's Eyes

Bubbie made me this black and yellow God's Eye last week,
and I hung it over my desk:
Gosh, I love it when they give me art they created in school.  It makes me feel like they thought of me during the day,  and anything their hands make is so precious to me...Fast forward to Monday.  We had a hard morning - no one wanted to get moving, people were in terrible moods, sullen and angry staring out of the car windows on the way to school...neither Bubbie or Scout said goodbye to me and it was a craptastic day all around...
But Tuesday dawned.  And things eased up a bit.  People got up when I asked, got dressed, ate breakfast, and were in the car on time.  And what did I find splayed across my computer keyboard on Tuesday afternoon?  Three more God's Eyes.  A surprise from a loving boy.
My heart was full, Monday was repaired.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Aw, I feel the same way when they come home from school with surprises for me!

Marie said...

The sweet handmade things from our children are treasures : )


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