Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Does it have to be so hard-boiled?

Me:  "I got Easter off this year and we want to see you guys!  I think its going to be too pricey to eat out for brunch but maybe we can all get together someplace else, or have it at one of our homes."
Sister#1:  "Hmmm.....well, we can do at my house, but its a hassle with all of the people in the kitchen and we can't afford to pay to feed everyone and clean up all of the mess it will make because all of my hubby's relatives have to come if you come, and why don't you just check in with me in a week to see if I can still tolerate the idea of all the noise and happiness and family at my house on Easter..."
Me:  "This doesn't have to be difficult for anyone; we can all pitch in and just bring things that are already cooked and easy to set out....but, ok, let me chat with hubby and Sister #2 and see what they would like to do..."
Sister #2:  Let's plan on having a nice dinner that day, together, and figuring out where and what and when -  we have almost a month ....Easter is an important holiday and should be shared by family....we can invite everyone we want and they can either come or don't come. And we will have some delish food - we could even BBQ!
Me:  Wow.  Imagine that.  Now that's an idea...

What is it with sisters, anyway?

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Bella Michelle said...

Gina, all I can say is that we might be related (except you have one family member that thinks it important to get together). The only time our families gather is when we host and provide everything and unfortunately since we moved 6 hours away it isn't happening. I call my family a "funeral family"...we see each other when someone dies :-(


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