Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yard work

My brain hasn't gotten the memo yet from my body:   
You. are. old.
Dang.  Well, it doesn't matter, because there are things to do around here, and me to do them.  So there.
Today was raking day.  I had a lot to rake, even tho we don't have a huge yard, we have trees who love to make leaves.  There was several months worth.  Apparently, Spring is raking season in Central Texas.  Not Fall.  Look:
Look closer, it's deceiving.  Actually, it's just dirt, covered in leaves.  Gosh, there is so much to do back here since we 86'd the play scape...one job at a time, Gina...
 OK, and thank you previous owner for installing red lava rocks that must be cleaned out several times a year.  High Five!  In case you were wondering, it's a pain in the rear to use the leaf blower on lava rocks since they are as light as some of the leaves...
And there is dead Wandering Jew under the tree - it just looks tacky.  Sigh....I am so not up to this.  Raking for hours.  Tracking dirt from my Crocs into the house. (it's inevitable)  So here is what I got for my hours of blood sweat and tears:
 Nine bags of leaves and yard debris - a drop in the bucket, but I ran out of bags...
Oh, my poor Lantana....I think it's it's time to go inside, it's wine o'clock and I hear a hot shower calling my name...and I cannot get it done in one day...Spring is not quite here yet, and there's always tomorrow...
What about you?  Been working outside on your yard yet?

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Marie said...

We still have snow on the ground and a lot of it.
sigh! : (


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