Thursday, February 24, 2011

Soap and Chinese

Today I was feeling very down in the dumps - and the gray weather in the morning did nothing to improve, after I took the boys to school, I did a few "have to" errands, went home, did some "have to" chores, then took a break and headed to the Chinese grocery store.
When you walk in at first you might think: "Good Grief what is that smell?"  And I have to tell you I have no idea what it is, besides rank.  But wander to the back of the store and you will find this:  the mother lode of my favorite soap!  Fifty cents a bar - a quarter of what Whole Foods charges for it, by the way...
 And beautiful pottery, too.  Which got me to thinking...
 ...and thinking makes me hungry, so I went to their little restaurant next door and got King Pao Chicken.  It was enough for two people, so hubby will get some for his lunch tomorrow...
Back home, I admired the wonderful scent of my new soaps - I bought Jasmine and Sandlewood.  Some for me, and some to go into my mother's birthday gift.  I love to put the unwrapped bars into my dresser drawers to scent clothing...the smell takes me back to my college years when my mother and sister and I would visit Chinatown in Houston..
And look!  I bought one of those pretty rice bowls to put next to the tub with a couple of new bars of soap.  Looking forward to a nice hot bath, a good night's sleep, a happier tomorrow!

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Marie said...

I remember that little Oriental store, if it is the same one. Is it sort of by the original Whole Foods, past
Burnett road, in a strip center near the Thai restaurant???
It has been so long ago...
Love that soap.
: )


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