Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lovely little laundry space

It's hard for me to store things without doing a little purging at the same time.  Closet space in this house is at a premium with six people and 25 years of marriage.  Translation: We have a lot of stuff.  So, I took extra care when I put up Christmas decor and managed to clean up my laundry area at the same time!
I stacked Christmas decor all neat above, new ironing board cover, cleaned the tops of the old "workhorses"...and this is the space all my pretty blue stuff went to live...
Vacuumed all around the appliances and vents, cleared the hanging things off that tension rod so I could use it for air drying once more.  I may not have a laundry room, per se, but I  have a pretty and neat little space to get the job done!
This is IT.  All of the Christmas tree(s) decor and a little more.  Believe it or not, I donated a LOT.  Some of it is in the kid's linen closet, but it is very manageable.  You gotta love those plastic storage bins that let you see inside.  So pretty now...
and hidden from view!


Bonnie said...

great job...I need to purge more & vacuume behind the dryer! :)

Marie said...

You are sooo organized! : )


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