Friday, January 14, 2011

How I am turning into my mother

I made it home from work and Wally World in one piece and am enjoying my hot cocoa while I check email and blog about how sheepish I pull up a mug and
You must buy these gingerbread marshmallows - soooo good in cocoa!

I may have to start a regular rant on how I am turning into my mother.  Not that she is a terrible person or anything - it's just that at 50, I am starting to see more similarities between how she and I operate on a daily basis.   (And she's 80)  Case in point: I recently got a parking ticket on a fun lunch outing with the boys. I. Hate. Parking. Downtown.  It is impossible to find a spot, then when you do, they make it so complicated. 
These new parking meters take plastic, which is good, but they spit out a sticky ticket you must place curbside on the inside of your windshield.  Which I did.  I even paid for 3 hours so we would have plenty of time.  Mere seconds after we passed the meter guy walking away from our car, I saw it on my windshield.  
A ticket.  But where was the meter receipt? Under Scout's shoe.  
It had fallen off, probably right after we left the car.  Dammit!!
I'm not proud that I chased the poor guy down in my vehicle and asked him to take back the ticket.  Not happy that, days later, rather than go downtown yet again to pay it, I wrote the freaking check.  Yes, I acted the fool by writing on the memo line that the attendant was a stooge.  And, I wrote "Payment for Parking Ticket Written to me in Error" in bold letters on the front of the envelope.
Today I got a note that the fee was waived, and my check back.
Just like something my mother would do...

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog many months ago and enjoy reading your posts. Many days I say to myself- she feels the same as me- none more than today- the ticket thing I would totally do! Good job! You made me smile. Motto for today- don't go down without a fight


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