Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And yet, more pillows

Yesterday I so didn't feel like tackling yet another closet on my organizing Tour of Rustown.  It was The Girl's last day at home for Winter Break (officially) and I felt blue, even tho I knew she would be back Friday.  I work all next weekend, and she does, too, so we will just barely pass each other. ): So, to waste time more efficiently I made a couple of pillow covers for her room:
They don't match the bed exactly, and that is perfectly fine...someone gave her these and she requested colors that would coordinate better than Dead Animal...
...because they started out as a brown leopard print. Ug. Ly.  I went to Joann's and found some faux suede in raspberry, and slate grey.  Soft. Washable. Perfect for pillow covers!
To gussy up the grey one I made a sort of bow that stretches across the front by 
sewing a wide piece into a tube, then turning it over so the seam was in back
 Then I sewed a basting stitch straight down the middle of it, so I could gather it.
 With a smaller piece I made a smaller tube to be a cover for the gathers and tacked it in place.
Then I pinned it exactly where I wanted it to go on the front of the pillow.  
I basted it since this material was a  little slide-y.  (I know, not a real word.)
On the right you can see where I used a straight edge and a sharpie to mark exactly where to sew the side seam - look closely, it's a thin green line.  Usually I just "eyeball" it.  But like I said, the fabric loved to slip.  On the left you can see where I sewed over the sharpie - no one will ever see this and it helped me sew both sides evenly.  Then I trimmed the excess off.
 Turned it right side out, stuffed the pillow insert inside and Wah La!
Couldn't think of how to gussy up the raspberry one, so I left it plain.  Plus, there's that dinner thing - it wasn't  gonna just cook itself...and the boys were all home from school and work...

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marie said...

Love the pillows. You do such a nice job!
Thank you for being my first "follower" on my new
blog. Also, thank you for your kind words <3

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Those pillows are great! Nice job, and thanks so much for your sweet comments. I'm sure I will figure it out, this one has certainly turned out to be a CHALLENGE!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Very nice! thanks for sharing.


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