Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where do you hide them?

My kids aren't little, and they don't mess with Christmas gifts, but I still don't place them under the tree until Christmas Eve.  I think it adds to the excitement to wait to put them there.  But I still have to have a place to put them, as the closets are already full so there's just not room!
 I found the solution: up high, in plain sight.  Fun to look at, but no one can be tempted to shake...
I use all the space I can up there - I just leave whatever decor is up there, and put presents all around it.  
It's only for a little while...Santa doesn't wrap gifts, so these are just the ones from Mom and dad...
My kids see them up there, of course but don't suffer too much from curiosity - after all, it's way up there.  No one has yet tried to climb up to investigate, and we've lived here 13 years.
Hiding them in plain sight - works for me!

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