Monday, December 27, 2010

A new tradition

My hubby likes to take "stuff pictures" on Christmas morning.  A shot of each person with all of the "stuff" they received for Christmas...I take stuff pictures of my own...
The stuff all over the room and not another living soul in there - they flee the destruction, leaving gifts and wrapping, and instructions, and other assorted flotsam and drift into the kitchen where there is hot chocolate, sausage balls, cheese and fruit...and pretty much forget about the mess.  And usually, mom comes in a couple hours later and rallies the troops to come get their things and help me clean up.  Not this year!  I grabbed another hot coffee and my laptop and put my feet up in the den, watching a silly Christmas movie and enjoying a turkey sandwich and guess what happened?
A Christmas miracle!  
Around 5 p.m., hubby and the boys put down the Wii controllers and hand held electronics and began cleaning up the front room!  A short while later, this is the view - a beautiful room in which to serve our Christmas Day dinner.
Maybe the best gift we got - family relaxing and working together to have a beautiful day. (:
I think a new tradition was born!

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Holly said...

Hi Gina! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to make all the rounds of my party.
Wow, you lucky girl! They actually cleaned up without you asking!


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