Sunday, December 26, 2010

More silhouettes for gifts

Remember these?
The profile shots from our failed attempt to get good Christmas card pics for my sister and niece?  Turns out they worked great for another plan...I wanted to make Silhouette Art as a gift for them.
 I was really happy with the results:
(Yes, the glare is pretty extreme here - it was 10 p.m. so I gave in to the flash and an overhead light...)
I bought the nicest frames I could afford for these without going over-budget.  I wanted them to be dining room worthy, so I checked with her about the colors she has in there.  I love the look - so simple and elegant!  And if you look closely, you can fill in the spaces from your memory of the person's smile, eyes...just lovely I think.
I think I was able to capture face shape fairly well.
I also made four more of my own dear ones... hang on our tree.  That was fun, but I think I am over silhouetting now!
{Update:  my sister Told me that she "finally" found a place to hang them in March; the junk room at her house.  Her way of telling me she didn't care for them?}

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Sandra said...

Lovely! I'm gonna put this on my project to-do list.


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