Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Love/Hate thing

This tree, the one we use to hold all the kid's ornaments, is ca. 1970 and still going strong...We hang all those Baby's First, Second, Third...ornaments.  And all the ones that don't fit on the family tree in the front room.
 To get it to appear full, and make it so you can't see the pole and twisted wire, you have to push the branch segments together, securing with tape, and add a counter balance -such as a hammer.  How hillbilly is that?  Well, it works!
 Yeah, it sits there looking reasonable, all decorated, with the mismatched lights I finally got to work and the homemade tree skirt which I did an OK job on....
And all lit up it is pretty....but  someday it will go to live at one of the kids' apartments....and we will say goodbye to it, and it's fakey bottle brush branches, forever.  I hate don't love it, but for now, it stays.  (But a pre-lit tree for the den is my dream) For now, it can stay.  Darn it.

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Sandra said...

I highly recommend the prelit Christmas tree. My life hasn't been the same since we bought one!


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