Friday, December 17, 2010

The Kid Tree

Every year I sigh as I put this tree up - I would really love to get a pre-lit tree with smaller branches...
It's the home for all of the kid's "firsts" ornaments and others that are very sentimental.  Each year they get a new ornament - some years they all 4 match, other years I pick an ornament that's unique to that kid.


Most of Firstborn's were put in a decorative tin last year 
with a special note from me.
(But I might include him this year; haven't found the perfect ornament yet!)
Someday he will use them at his own home and remember 
so many happy Christmases as a child! 
The House of Hatten tree topper is treasure I bought when the first two
were little and we were so broke.
(OMG I saw one on eBay for $75!)
This year I made a tree skirt that looks like a Santa hat (:
 The lights are on a timer so they come on in the evening.  I almost like it better without them.
  My friend Deb admired it and says it looks "retro".  And I guess she's right - there is a vintage quality to it and lots of I said, it's a love/hate thing!

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