Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crazy for the new blue!

The boy's room is almost finished...just have to disassemble the beds, paint them, then re-assemble...and on that, I am dragging my feet.  Doesn't sound like fun, right?  But like I said, there is progress:
and After
It's hard to tell from these photos, but the color is so much cooler and calmer and
doesn't scream BLUE!!!! at you as you walk in...
 So here are the two blues side by side.  You can see one is waaaay more obnoxiously blue and shiny...To get that soft grey blue, I mixed a little more "Cloudless Sky" into the gallon of  "Water Wheel" so it wouldn't look as pasty (sometimes you can't trust those paint samples!).  I was worried about that at first, since the first blue is satin finish, but it apparently made no difference in the way the paint performed...
I was feeling brave so I went for it!
Another "before"

and the "after"
You can see the difference in color better here - a softer, grayer blue...The addition of a wall mirror for teen boys - even the Grinch is happy about this.  I put more command hooks up, after I spruced the doors  with another coat of white paint.  (and, the boys get a little Christmas in their rooms too!)
Even against the black and red, this blue is made such a big difference in their room and I can't even tell you how calm the color is - love it! Why did it take me so long to get going on this!?
The little bookcase got several coats of red to give the room a nice spot of color. I cleaned and straightened the knickknacks on the shelves, and the vintage "How To" books now live in the bookcase.  The Legos got put away, and the toy bins found their way to the closet.  The boys nixed my idea about getting rid of the stuffed animals...and I even kept the D and G.  That's it for now, those beds will get painted some day...

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Holly said...

I like the new color!
Thanks for letting me know about the Old Navy deals!

Marie said...

I like the softer "gray" blue.
Nice job! Are you going to spray paint those beds?
No matter how old the children are; they love those stuffed animals :)


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