Saturday, November 6, 2010

That's why I don't do that

When I took over this blog (my hubby originally set it up) it was like a journal to me.  I wanted to include a little of our daily life here at Camp Rustown, with a little sewing, cooking, decorating...this and that and all things interesting to me and the life of our family.  I briefly considered "monetizing" my blog, but decided against it;  it would take the fun away.  I also decided not to post every day and not to pressure myself to have posts at the ready, so it's pretty much "on the fly" blogging for me.  If I have something to talk about, I do.  My tastes and interests are totally me - I get inspiration from the other blogs I read, but I don't pressure myself to "keep up", or even be interesting.  
My blog is for The Cannary Family.
And I guess, anyone who cares to read it...
  Cute birdies were $1.50 each  at Micheal's!

A couple of nice blogs I like to read have recently gone under the radar; these talented ladies feel they have simply ran out of ways to entertain us.  That's a shame, because they have such creative and interesting blogs.  Followers are nice to have, but you have to have something fun to do for you or what's the point?  And most followers are women just like you who don't have all day to sit at the computer, either.  
Moral of the story:  Have fun posting, do it when you want to,
don't stress out about being constantly creative or inspiring. 
  Give yourself a break. 
Have fun.

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Holly said...

Gina, thanks for sharing this post with me. You are so right! If it becomes a chore, then what't the point? Nobody likes chores!


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