Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taking a call

Scout recently had a spot of trouble with grades - four failing ones that sent his mom and dad into conniptions and required us taking up his iPod and PSP.  We let him keep his phone as it is a means for him to communicate with us about band practice, staying after school, etc.  And we didn't want to take everything away;  it would be mean-spirited as he is having a rough time.  He knows, though, that if there isn't a marked improvement in grades this six weeks, the phone will have to go.  We often tell him the phone is a tool, not a toy, and I want him  to have it handy for safety and security reasons.   But he uses it a lot to keep up with his friends.  Which is why at the pumpkin patch, when he took a call, and it was about a school assignment it made my heart glad!
Then I checked on Gradespeed, and his grades are coming up!  Good for you, son!  But more importantly, he was making plans to help a friend out with an assignment which was nice of him to do on his day off.  He has kept his head up and not given into to worry and despair over school
and he is back on the right track.  My hope for him is that he has learned what he needs to do now to stay on top of things.  And I'm proud of him for taking school seriously and turning things around. (:

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