Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I don't feel like to

This is what my youngest used to say he was 3ish.  Cute, and so true for a variety of situations.  I still say it. Here is my number one reason why:
Yuck, ironing. 
Yes I am aware of what century this is.  Yes, I realize I could buy polyester and knits so I could skip this.  Yes, I procrastinate which is why the pile is so big.  My iron automatically cuts off after 30 minutes, though, so I figure once a week for 30 minutes I can listen to my iPod, or talk on the phone and git 'er done- but that doesn't always happen.  It's actually nice for hubby to have pressed shirts; he's a professional and needs to dress the part.  But dry cleaning is not affordable or practical for us.  And I myself like to have neat-looking scrubs and things to wear during the week that don't look like I slept in them.  I can't live in tee shirts and jeans all the time, you know...gee, that pile isn't getting smaller. 
And no, I don't feel like to...

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