Sunday, October 3, 2010

How can I miss you?

 Rustown Art

I read somewhere that a teenager is designed to eventually "foul the nest" much like a  baby bird.  In this way, it's easier for his or her parents to shove him/her out!  After all, once you've heard  "I'm an adult now, don't tell me what to do" umpteen times, you start to think, well then, chickie, show me.  But I ask:  How is this possible if the baby bird keeps flying right back up to the nest? With his/her mouth open, demanding a worm?  If you aren't quick enough on the upchuck, and he/she squawks  "You don't know what kind of week I've had" in a pitiful way, what do you do? Tell him/her about your week?  How you are responsible for the upkeep of said nest, including all the buying, storing, and upkeep?  How all you ask is that he/she do some flying and hunting of their own and keep an eagle eye out for dangers as well as opportunities?  How you would like for he/she to assume responsibility for their own preening and care so you can tend to the other fledglings?  Or do you just smooth down their feathers.....
It's not like you haven't taught them how to fend for themselves.
Then do you boot them out once more? 
How long does that go on?
 It prolongs the agony, I say. 
For both birdie and parent.

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