Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Snack Mix

On The Hot Mess Express, the ever-entertaining Lindsey has a recipe for a fun Halloween snack she says her kids won't touch.  I really find that intriguing - why should all the fun snacks be kid-oriented?  Mamas need their some-somes's, too.  So, I made her candy corn/peanut mix with two notable additions, just because I love monkey-ing with recipes and making them my own....dark chocolate m&m's, and pretzels.  Oh, sweet and salty deliciousness.  Now I need a name for it...
Can I call it a healthy snack?  It's got pretzels which are a low-fat snack, dark chocolate candy - high in anti-oxidants; peanuts...healthy, right?  OK, the candy corn is a wash in the nutrition department, but I find it I must add it in.  Plus, it adds the right seasonal touch.  Martha would agree it is a "good thing".
I'm going to set the bowl out and see what happens.  If I notice people stealing all the corns away I will have to hide it.  And I think I'll make a big batch of it for Halloween night to go with the pumpkin spice latte from A Year of Slow Cooking.  Which we plan on drinking as we sit around the fire pit in the driveway, playing scary muzak and handing out candy.....don't you just love Halloween?
It's even fun for the grown folk!

Go check it out!

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Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Hey Gina! Thanks for linking your yummy snack mix to my link party. It looks great - who can resist chocolate and pretzels together? "See" you soon.



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