Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Decor for free

I wanted to dress up the front door area for Halloween and not spend any money.  I had these items: a straw wreath that had mold on it and had seen better days, an almost used up can of spray paint, some of that mylar garland stuff (what do you call that stuff?) and some decor items from years and years ago...I figured I could re-purpose it all one last time, sooo...
 I spray painted the wreath black - yeah, good-bye mold - and wound the mylar stuff round it.  Then I took the bent up wire hanger off the witch hanging I bought at Tarjay about 15 years ago, and put some florist's wire in it's place so I could attach it to the wreath.
ta da.  
The wreath and the mylar stuff will go into the dumpster on Nov. 1st, but for now, it makes the door a little more Halloween-y.  This will thrill Scout as he is my "Halloween Baby".
The other little wire shapes went into the pot by the front door.  I will add a few pumpkins and we will probably string up some cobwebs...and that's about it for the front door area.  Halloween night hubby will stage his yearly scare scene in the driveway.  He usually uses stuff we already have and it always fun - a disco, a restaurant, crime scene - the adults look forward to coming by and gawking at the display.  I plan on making a fun snack mix and Pumpkin Lattes for the neighbors who share their fire pit next door.  And we will have a fun dinner and cupcakes for our new 15 Year Old.
Bring on Halloween - I'm ready!

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