Thursday, October 28, 2010

China cabinet spiffing

I did what I always do when I don't want to leave the house for a day - justify if by cleaning the hell out of something!  Yesterday, I walked by the dusty china cabinet for the billionth time, thinking it really needed to be cleaned top to bottom with space made for my growing collection of table linens and practical storage for actual dining-related items...
A rather large collection of  decorative things that were clogging it up went to live in a large plastic storage bin in the laundry area.  Then I removed everything, and I mean everything, out of the cabinet and cleaned the inside of it with Orange Glo furniture oil.  It smelled great and the wood looked instantly more beautiful!   I removed the knobs and gave them a fresh coat of Rustoleum silver spray paint for metal.  I think the silver is what they were originally - hard to tell.  But the china has silver edging, and there are silver things in there, so it all looks nice together. 
I even took off the glass doors and windexed them;  the crystal and candle sconces, too. And I polished up the silver bases - pretty~!
I replaced an old framed photo with a different old framed photo - Ha! The other one had water damage from a long time ago...and this one might not stay but for now, I'm OK with it.
 I cleaned and pressed the doilies that are in there - I think they are old fashion-y and so pretty...
 Then I re-organized the shelves down below - one houses extra serving pieces that match the china, and the other has table linens, votives, S&P shakers, and coasters.
 In the drawers I am storing placements in one, candles and trivets in the other. 
This china cabinet was handed down to hubby from his mother - it is circa late 40's by Drexel.  As with most of the other furniture we inherited, I cannot bear to ever paint it.  It's retro and beautiful, 
and now, clean and ready for the holidays!

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