Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I can get it for you wholesale...

April 2000
My mother is fond of saying all kinds of things, despite her audience.  She forgets to put in her filter.  She recently told the nurse at the eye doctor that I went in for motherhood '"wholesale". 
Now, what would you think that meant?
That I wanted children in large quantities?
That I began my family without careful discrimination?
That I ignored distinctions, focusing on quantity?
Or that I got them directly after processing? 
It could be all those things.  After all, I did want a large family, didn't care if the kids were  male or female as long as they were healthy, and got them handed into my arms almost immediately... 
But, I did give it careful thought...each one of them were planned and wanted. 
Hmmm...this comment from her is thought provoking as she had eight children herself....but I guess the difference is in how we see motherhood.  I see it as a gift, she as a burden.
And I'm really into it, wholesale.

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