Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ready to set sail!

Rustown Art

 Today The Girl bought all her linens for her dorm room -
a plum comforter with two sets of animal print sheets.  Pink washcloths and towels. 
Yep, she definitely has her own sense of style!
We talked about what else she would take, what she would store, what gets left in her room, as is.
We talked about painting the room a soft shade of plum so that when she's home in the winter and summer all her stuff would coordinate and she would be excited to see her spiffed up room at home.  We talked about taking down the Battenburg curtain and dust ruffle, the pink and silver memo board, the sparkly pink bulletin board, the floral switch cover, etc. etc. Also, the glow in the dark planets on the ceiling have to go! 
I wish she didn't.   But she must.
So, I am going to make this fun for her.  And sweeten up her space at home, so she knows she always has a room to come home to...

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