Sunday, August 1, 2010

One lucky cat

Sugar is our rescue cat.  She was in a "cube" at PetsMart waiting for adoption from someone who: 1. wanted an older cat, 2. wanted  a declawed cat, and 3. wanted a fixed cat.  Unfortunately, she had actually lost weight because she had a cold and could not taste her food.  It's also possible that she was grieving the loss of her owner - after all, she was 5 at the time.  We got her nursed back to health and she has been a faithful, though not overly affectionate, kitty.  She'd had one owner - and was obviously not used to kids.
Most cats develop a bond with their owners and get so set in their ways that they don't handle change well.  I've had, and lost, many  a cat...and I guess something about this sad looking sweet cat, that we eventually named Sugar, spoke to me.  She's an older kitty, age 7 now, and loves to follow me around the house and sleep on  the furniture.  I hate shoo-ing her off.  She's not all that frisky and I feel a little guilty about getting an older kitty since my kids wanted to "play" with her.
But, I gotta say, she's one lucky cat, living the life of Riley , and has it made.
And we're going to keep her and let her live out her days in peace.

1 comment:

Marie said...

With a face like that who can resist????
too cute! Your cat is a lucky cat!


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