Friday, August 6, 2010

Mrs. Clean strikes again

I might get a little carried away sometimes.  I have a tendency to micromanage  the kids rooms when I absolutely can't stand looking at, or smelling, them.  I know my oldest is far too old for me to go tidying up after him, but yesterday when he left early,  I jumped at the chance to do the following in there:

*Strip the bed and clean all the linens
*Remove everything from under the bed, vacuum, and replace it all
*Hang two small shelves
*Wash all the clothing I found under the bed or on the floor
*Dust the tops of shelves, desk, and dresser
*Clean the new office chair he got from the neighbor
*Replace a bulb in his ceiling fan
*Spray the room with Oust 
*Replace the batteries in two dead clocks

It doesn't look like a lot, but it took me well over two hours.  And, I didn't even open his closet or empty his trash.  When he got home from work, I think he liked the looks of things in there.
( His room is a stormy blue, with accents of red, khaki, and navy.  His furniture is basic black.)
 I ask you:  how can my kids be so unlike me when it comes to keeping their rooms together?  How have I not taught them over the years about being organized and clean?  They have never had to contend with a messy, smelly, disorganized home - maybe when  they have their own home someday, they will hear my voice in their heads and get to work!

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Marie said...

I think the children will surprise you once they leave home...they will come to you one day and say, "You were right,Mom!" and they will remember that lovely tidy home and all you taught them and what a saint you are : )


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