Friday, August 13, 2010

A little early

Today is a new day.  I am unafraid of the Friday the 13th hoopla, because  I got that over with yesterday.
Rustown Art

A tidy re-cap:
My oldest is laying around on his behind not working more than 20 hours per week and will not be attending school this semester. I gave him a box and rather loudly told him to start packing.  The girl's room is a disaster, we hardly ever see her, she says she will pack and clean next week, not before, and oh yeah - her portion of the cell phone bill is over $250.  Dylan is off in band camp minding his own business and drinking lots of water, thank you, God.   The music store has only new trombones which are rent to own at $1650 for the cheapest. I frantically called the band director before rushing off in 100 degree heat to a meeting at work. Grayson spouted off some pretty colorful language to a friend while holding the phone,  not realizing the band director was still on the line after leaving me a message.  My mother called and said she will need a another cornea transplant. She is 80 and will require a place to stay a few days.   This will probably happen when I am so busy with the kids and holidays that I will lose my mind.  I lost my purse in the morning and finally found it after tearing up the house.  I lost my keys in the afternoon and looked for them 2 hours while I re-tore up the house.
Meanwhile, I am hot flashing.
I had  a couple of adult beverages and a two hour cry and woke up with a HUGE headache.  No time to cry again this morning - I have to go buy a trombone and pack food for a canoe trip tomorrow.
I still want to run away from home.  But at least August 12th is over.


Anonymous said...

I think (and hope) you had your Friday the 13th a day early. I hope today and your weekend is much better....

Marie said...

mmmm...sounds familiar to me.
There are those days that just make us crazy lol! So sorry you were having one of those.


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