Monday, August 2, 2010

Lunch at Ave. B Grocery

Bubbie and I were on our own today - and will be all week;  Scout is in band camp, Firstborn and The Girl work.  So, after running a few errands and visiting  Tar-Jay and St. Vincent De Paul, we headed over to the Hyde Park area near UT area to find Ave. B Grocery.  A little house converted into a neighborhood grocery store, and tucked away so carefully you might miss it.
Cute, huh? Supposedly it's the oldest operating grocery store in Austin.  The sammies were OK, not spectacular, and the owner is a little on the angry/pushy side.  Not a kid friendly place by any means.  Geez!  But once outside we enjoyed our lunch under a patio with a view of the backyard and sounds of cicadas drowning out all thought...
Bubbie had the ham and cheese, I had the roast beef.  He enjoyed a blueberry soda and some Flaming Hot Cheetos, too.  He has unusual tastes!  We both split a Snickers. (OK, that was my idea...)

We left full and relaxed and mosey'd over to HEB where I proceeded to buy out the store - almost.  We were completely out of food...but it would have been worse without a decent sammie lunch.   Now on to the pool, picking up Scout, and to a band picnic!  So far, a pretty nice Monday (:

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