Friday, July 9, 2010

Bean Crock

It's hot outside and we want to go places with our loooong summer days.  And when we get home I so do not feel like cooking.  So, if the crock can do the work, I'm all for that!  In fact, I have never cooked beans any other way - it's just too fool-proof in the crock pot!  I rinsed and soaked  some cranberry beans the night before, dumped them into the crock with enough water to cover, added a chopped onion, some oregano, chili powder, chopped garlic, and some leftover fajita meat...
I replaced my broken lid knob with a metal drawer pull - not real bright on my part, but at least it works!  Hence, the chickie pot holder helping me out.  You like? I think I'm going to make some for Christmas gifts.  Anyhoo, back to the beans...
When the beans were tender, I added a can of rotel and adjusted the salt and pepper.  I am happy to report that everyone ate them up along with some of Pioneer Woman's olive cheese bread.  In fact, there were only two smallish containers left which I froze for work lunches. 
I so love my crock pot.

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Jerri said...

Oh how yummy this looks! What would we do without our crock pots?

Thanks for stopping by for Friday Favorites!


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