Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have always loved jewelry - since I was a small child.  The first "nice" thing I can remember having was a birthstone ring that I watched go down the bathtub drain when I was 6ish.   Since then, I've lost as many nice things as I've acquired.  I think the universe did not want me to have the multicolored jade and semi-precious stone bracelet with the Chinese symbol for "lucky" on the clasp.  Or 2 senior rings. Or the sterling Greek key bracelet actually purchased in Greece.  My mother's wedding band from my father...the list could go on....Hopefully I can hold on to these favorites:
My James Avery bangle bracelets which I love
My mother/daughter ring - The Girl has one, too.
A Lisa Leonard pendant with a family tree - a Mother's Day sussie to myself.
A sister bracelet that my sister and I both have.
Yes, the the jewelry box is in a secure place and not wearing some of the pretties in there has kept them so! Mostly they are gold things, but I love wearing these pieces a lot lately - they compliment the silver in my hair.
I do love shiny things. (:

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