Thursday, July 29, 2010

I matter, too

Beki at The Rusted Chain has a post that really spoke to me. 
In a nutshell, moms can get to where they value themselves a little less over time, focusing on the flaws that they see in a mirror. In my opinion, these are "perceived" flaws, a product of faulty self-image.  If we could only see ourselves as our children see us - we'd have less of an problem with the appearance of growing older.  Maybe we'd see the lovely progression of change and accept that as natural and desirable.  Sounds easy enough in theory, right?  Still, I can be hypercritical when I see photos of myself:
I do notice the wrinkles and the thinning hair and the double chin and the moles, and sometimes it makes me cringe!  It's nice to know there are other moms struggling with the same thing; the mirror contradicts who I am and what I feel like on the inside. I still feel vital, and healthy, and strong.
And I don't see myself as that old lady in the mirror!
I know I have to learn to be more graceful about what's changing on the outside. 
And jump into a few more photos with my kids.

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Marie said...

You are beautiful! <3


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