Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time to move on...

If I have to think about it too much, I might cry.  I've got a hectic rest of the week... got to get the house clean, buy the food, get everyone to graduation on time, enjoy having friends and family at our house, have a solitary breakfast out with hubby on Sunday...
Rustown Art

One kid off to study something new at a campus across town;
 one kid getting ready to move into a dorm in a city down the road,
one about to make the leap into the land of
the young adult at high school,
one about to experience puberty in middle school...
I can't say I'm not ready.
I am. 
Just feeling a little nervous.  Did  I get them ready? 
I want them to get out there and experience life, but not get hurt; 
work hard, but enjoy life;  study hard, but take care of themselves; 
stay focused on school but learn all about this world;
be frugal, but revel in their youth;
work hard, and rest and relax when they can;
dream big, but don't oversleep...
By the time we figure out whether we've done a good job,
it'll too late to do it differently!
I hope my kids know how seriously we've always taken this job,
And that we have never taken their good health and education for granted.

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