Monday, June 7, 2010

Things that stop your heart

This had hubby and me shaking in our boots.
Just above the glasses?
What the *bleep* is that?
Hmmm...just above the sooty spots on the underside of a shelf  are the flameless lighters.  I put two and two together, and came up with Bubbie.  And we asked, and he admitted it right away.  Happened while dad and The Girl  went computer shopping. And this is what it looks like after I scrubbed on it.
The little monkey would have had to climb to find them, then have time to 
sit on the counter and play with them. 
He's 11.  This is unacceptable. 
It scares me to think that he could have burnt the house down with himself inside.
He is no longer allowed to be alone in the house without an adult. Which means he won't be sleeping in this week, as I have to get Scout to school this week at 8:45 each morning.  He will have to earn mom and dad's trust back.  And we are not baby-proofing the house.  
We do not have babies anymore.  
He is about to be a middle-schooler.   Time to behave like a big kid now. And all afternoon I have been on him about different things he is messing with that he knows better not might be a loooong summer of learning for him...

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