Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sugar and Joe

These are my "children" for the week. A hamster and a cat.  They are quiet, but not much fun to do things with...
The cat is always messing with the hamster, so really, it's like kids are still here - in furry form.  She is de-clawed and lazy.  There is really no need for the hamster to worry about her staring him down.
Why does the cat never realize the hamster will bite?  Kinda like, if you borrow your brother's things without asking,  he will yell.  Or, if you stand too close to your sister's bedroom door and look inside her room, she'll yell.  Or, if you bother your older brother while he's playing the Wii, he'll yell.
 Sometimes I could "teach" til I'm blue in the face...
Notice a pattern here?
The cat obviously does not.  She will put her nose close to the cage, too.  What will the hamster do? 
Bite, of course.  
I could shoo her away and warn her each time - it's what I do for my kids.  However, in my experience, they learn just as quickly, and maybe better, by just living the experience.  The cat is gonna have to learn how to deal with the biting.  
That's the price you pay for messing with the hamster!

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