Friday, June 4, 2010

Patio Spiff

Well, I just can't leave well enough alone.  That's actually a good thing.  It drives me to spruce and spiff areas of the house that could be more colorful and comfortable and fun.  The patio, for instance.  Today I re-covered - get this - the old boat cushion hubby was hanging onto.  We sold the boat probably around 11 years ago, and the cushion had to stay.  I think for him, it represents our youth.  And if I ever win the Lotto, a boat is the first thing we will buy!  I'll compromise - I covered it in a little less than a yard of some fun IKEA stripe fabric.
Why did I take this photo at an angle? I don't know...See that cute basket below the chairs? - less than $10 for the whole thing at Wal-Mart, including plants...I need to mount it on the fence behind the chairs.
I even had enough fabric leftover to make a runner for the picnic table
Our patio is a breezeway of sorts - very nice for hubby to sit out here and grill.  He places his stereo speakers on nails he mounted on either side of my terra cotta sun and blasts the tunes while he works...
 So, should I add hanging plants?  A sea grass rug under the table? I plan on hanging laundry this summer (as always) so they can't go on the side of the patio over the red rocks. 
OK - now the house is cleaned and spiffed and I am ready for The Girl's graduation luncheon/party tomorrow.   I'll stop for now.  Really.

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