Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aromatherapy on the cheap

In our bathroom, there's only one other scent I like more than Pine-Sol.
  And it comes from the Chinese market:
Bee and Flower Sandalwood soap!
 I've been hooked on it since my college days when my mother and I would go to the Chinese market  in Houston and stock up on the stuff.  Smelling it reminds me of happy times: pre-kids and hubby, when I was finally out on my own and starting to really know myself.  Today I ate lunch at Asia Market,  then went to the grocery store next door and bought enough soap of it for my pretty china bowl that sits next to the tub.  I tuck it into my dresser drawers, too.  All the old soap will be grated and I'll make homemade laundry soap - fun, and less wasteful than just throwing out all the little soap pieces.
The tan one is Sandalwood, the cream one is Jasmine, and the pink one is Rose. There is also a Ginger one - didn't buy that one today. I love them all, but Sandalwood is the one that takes me back.  If you live near a Chinese market, check it out.  It's a cheap thrill and smells so wonderful...


Debbie said...

I am a sucker for good smells...I love so many scents, and have never seen these....I will look the next time I am around a chinese market. THanks for stopping over and your kind words of wisdom.

Tiffanee said...

I have been looking for something like this. Thanks for the great tip. I am going to the chinese market soon.

Jerri said...

I'm always looking ways to make rooms smell nice. Great tip!

Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!


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