Thursday, May 20, 2010

You know it's getting closer to summer when...

I guess the natives neighborhood kids are restless.  They are practicing a blatant disregard for the usual evening school night schedule by hanging out in the garage way past dinnertime, with the radio cranked up, singing loudly, practicing fake French accents, just basically being silly. Boys, even!
Believe it or not, they were actually debating what Superman would do if he dug to the center of the earth...huh?  What have you done all afternoon, boys?
No, you cannot come inside my house.
No I really don't want to debate whether Superman would call out a la Ozzie for a "sammich" from Sharon.  Who are these kids?  I think the late spring heat has gotten to them. And, like I said,  it's a school night. And they need to come in now and eat.  Tomorrow is just another school day...and one day closer to summer.

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