Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Sunday evenings

Rustown Art

I never get tired of Sunday evenings, even if I feel tired from work...they hold the promise of an entire week at home, taking care of my dear ones in  many ways..the purely physical tasks that keep our household up and running and comfortable and secure.  Sometimes it seems like drudgery, but most times it feels like pure luck, that I could have this arrangement of working 7 days a week - two in the medical field, the rest as full-time mom.  For us it was the perfect fit, allowing us to say good bye to daycare forever, and still have a house to raise kids in with everything we needed to provide for them.  And Hubby has done a very good job of being full-time dad on weekends and working 40 plus hours each week, while being fully engaged with our kids  and their various activities. 
So, Sundays are a very good kind of tired because I know that tomorrow I will be my own boss and give myself permission to get things done on my own schedule and give myself a break! 

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