Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Top 10

We love summer! Here's what we will do to keep from being too bored  (haha):

1.  Movies
We love 'em. Yes, we buy candy at Walgreen's and sneak our contraband into the dollar theater. Occasionally  I spring for popcorn and then it's gotta be the giant size and we've gotta refill it once before the movie starts!  And Bubbie and I will check out the free movies, too! It's nice to sit in their A/C!
2.  The pool
I'm ready. I bought a new torpedo toy thingy and some splash bombs and the boys and I have our suits ready and I have a jar of money saved called 'Mom's Mad Money' that I will use to finance our admission, and our snocone habit.
3.  Sonic
I have been known to announce 'We're going to Sonic!" to anyone who's at my house and that's the signal to jump in the car, shoes are optional. and take my kids and whatever neighbor kids are at my house to Sonic for Happy Hour.  Ahhh...vanilla Diet Coke....we love it, and The Girls works there so sometimes we are hooked up with free onion rings...shhhhh
4.  Library
No, you can't turn your brain off just cause it's summer.  In years past, I also made my kids do Summer Bridge workbooks , but there was a general revolt about 3 years ago and I decided it wasn't worth the stress and screaming. They liked them, and they got rewards for completing them, but there was a lot of prodding involved... plus, all of them are really good readers. As in, Commended on the TAKS Test Good Readers.  So , the library is a weekly thing, after which we hit the pool. Shocker.
5.  Bopping around exploring
This is one of my favorites. We head out, destination unknown, and try a new place to eat, or new shop to visit, new park to play in, new museum to explore.  Some of the best summer lunches we had were after I said "I'm turning right into the next restaurant parking lot I come to".  Fun!
6.  Science and nature night on PBS
Usually watched with Dad after a hot and long day, with dinner in the den.
7.  Field Trips
Back when I first went part-time I ran my household of 4 kids during the summer like Summer Camp - we had a schedule that we stuck to for lunches, snacks, rest, pool, etc.  We still loosely follow something like that, but we can be more flexible on where we go since now there are only three of us.  One of our favorite places is Sweet Berry Farm. Another is Brenham to visit Grandma. We also go here, and here.
8.  Sleep in
Not to be lazy, but please...after a year of getting up at 6:30...let's just say we're ready.
9.  The boys will do summer camp with Dad and Boy Scouts; mom and The Girl will visit Texas State for an overnight visit and eat here and here.  And the girl will get to know her way around the campus. And mom will relive memories of college days...and take deeeeep breaths...
10.  Nothing.
That's right. Nothing.  We will have days when mom has chores and crafts and cooking....and the kiddos will hang out at home or at neighbor's houses, making the rounds, eating snacks, playing with their electronics, listening to music, laying on the couch.  In a way, this is the best summer activity of all!

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Angie said...

Oh I love your 10 things!!! I am a new follower cause I like your blog!

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

I have to second Sweet Berry Farm! We love their strawberries and blackberries. Their Halloween festivities are also a lot of fun for kids of all ages.


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