Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mr. Somber

He used to be known as the Sweet One. The one who was guaranteed to come hug and kiss you goodnight. The one you could count on for that same hug and kiss at the front door in the morning on his way to school. He was flexible, cooperative, kind-hearted, friendly, good-natured....

I need to file a missing person report. They've taken the Sweet One and left me the Somber One.
They left a teen in his place. Moody. Serious. And don't even think of tickling him. Or messing with him in the morning - whoo! You're just asking for trouble there.  He's going to let me come have lunch with him today.  And considering how close to the end of the school year we are, it might very well be the last lunch together he and I share at middle school.
Maybe he will happy up for the summer....

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