Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I love you, mother because...

You buy me a toy on Friday afternoon. 
A tradition I started while I was in X-ray school - each Friday I would put a small sussie on the kid's  pillows for them to find when they got home. It was something they looked forward to, apparently!
You made me dinner
Yes I did;  cooked 7 nights out of 7.  We rarely ate out. We had no money to do so...If I wasn't home, the crock pot would be cranking, or the dinner was in the fridge waiting to be re-heated. Spencer ate like a sparrow; it's nice he noticed that real meals came from Mom, not McDonald's!
You read me a book
I read to my kids every night before bed and each one of them is a champion reader with library cards and commended TAKS scores to show for it! (Don't you love the little relaxed figure, kicked back and enjoying a good story?)
You let me stay up late
Well, this might have been wishful thinking on Firstborn's part, but maybe on a Saturday night.  Hubby and I believed that kids needed to be on a reasonable bed time schedule so that each morning would not be a struggle to get them going!  Plus, it's nice to have adult time when the kids are all tuckered out and in bed...
What a sweet way to celebrate Mother's Day week - all these drawings and art that came home from school are precious to me!

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