Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Week!

Rustown Art

(Please note the over-sized purple body attached to Firstborn's picture says "Hi!")

May 2010.
  I officially release my self from all lingering doubt and guilt at putting my kids in daycare from 1989 til 1999!
I think I read too many parenting magazines at the time that heaped on the stress and recrimination to the point at which I thought I could not possibly be "my kid's mom".  I was just a ghost mom; there to bathe, read to, and tuck you in at night.  There to feed you and get you dressed and in the car in the morning. And there to take you to swim lessons, the park, birthday parties, visiting your relatives on the weekend, etc.  Did all that count?  Meanwhile, I was working to help provide my family with much needed second income, health insurance and oh yes, food and utilities.  Surely my kids were confused at what a real mother was? Surely they would be maladjusted bedwetters who did poorly in school and life.  
Oh, the horror of the working mom!
Sometimes I'm amazed at how fortunate we've all been and how well this is turning out...

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