Friday, May 28, 2010

Because I have to feed them

Fridays are cooking prep days, no getting around it.  Sometimes its mostly it's minimal  work. Getting menus written out so they know what's to eat,  getting meals or ingredients ready so that they can fend for themselves while I am at my other I made Drip Beef in the crock pot. 
I was tempted to make a sammich right then and there.
Once it was cooled I put it into the fridge and labeled it.  It will be really delish  tomorrow for lunch.  I also cut bell pepper and onion into strips for grilling along with fajita meat.  And, I made pico de gallo with the rest of the overripe tomatoes and cilantro that was on it's last leg. 
I love pico de gallo!
Sunday's meal is chicken in the crock, which I can start before I leave for the day.  I will start out with frozen chicken since my crock pot goes turbo even on low. It's a pre-packaged crock pot seasoning packet.  It looks good - I will have hubby fix red potatoes and some sauteed squash to go with. 
For tonight, its Pizza Rolls:
 They kinda look like homemade Hot pockets. I totally made them up. Kind of like the oven sammies  only I roll  up the dough with filling like a cinnamon roll.  I like how you get multiple layers of crust, cheese, sauce and pepperoni's....
It was pretty good, and it cooked in about 35 minutes while I re-covered an old boating cushion my husband cannot seem to part it's new home is on the patio on his anti-gravity lounger.  I won't bother posting a pic, it was not a stellar project...and why I have to add more stuff to do at 6 p.m. on a Friday is anyone's guess...and speaking of that, time to get ready for work tomorrow.
Hope you have good things to eat this weekend, too!


e-Mom said...

Yummy! Everything looks great. I like your idea of packaged seasoning in the crockpot... it's the little things that make life easier, right?

I've done all my meal planning and shopping on Fridays forever. Don't know why. Sounds like you have a similar routine!

So nice to meet you...

e-Mom @ Susannah's {Kitchen} Aprons

Susan said...

I have made PW's drip beef several times and it is great. Don't you just love those peppercini's in there? Wouldv'e never thought of that. Eveything else looks fab too :) What a good mom you are


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