Saturday, April 17, 2010


As told by The Girl to her mom:
Mrs. Shoemaker (?)  The squirrel dropped his nut. The sun, clouds, and bird.  (Okaaayyyy....she was drawing, mom just wrote what she was told.)
BBQ pit with smoke. Somebody dropped their gum. (This chapter was all about tragedy - Dad burning the dinner, and obviously, the gum thing)
Chloe and mommy sharing sunglasses.  That was some sight to see! I think the little girl was hoping I'd share my sunglasses...
Grass, sun, and a squirrel that fell on it's head.
The end. (Apparently, nature is both beautiful and dangerous)

The Girl, 1995

Awww...thank you, that was such a special story, sweetie! 
And you will always be my cute little girl!

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